Installing SABnzbd on FreeNAS or TrueNAS 13

This is an updated guide to install SABnzbd and possibly other plugins like NZBGet in TrueNAS while maintaining the correct user permissions. Prerequisite: – A dataset created for the downloads (“Shared” in my example)– “Shared” is own by the built-in user “media” and group “media” (PID/GID 8675309)– Downloads goes to /mnt/Storage-Pool/Shared/z-complete– Temporary files goes to […]

Installing SABnzbd on FreeNAS 11.2

Updated guide is published here. Since the introduction of FreeNAS 11.2, there are many under-the-hood changes that makes a hassle migrating from previous version. One of the major changes is the replacement of warden jail with iocage jail. The removal of well-known NZB downloader SABnzbd from the standard Plugin leaves many users having to manually […]