(the serious stuff…)
My wife and I are passionate on our lives in Vancouver: from the food, entertainment, work, climate, etc.. There is a variety of things that we can tell others about. We are not professional writers or photographers or experts, we are simply just those people you see in places who takes pictures and likes gourmet coffee. We enjoy sharing our ideas with others.

In the “Internet of Everything” time (today), conventional social media outlets are no longer sufficient to capture lives of people without a lot of trade-off; particularly we no longer own anything once they are on the internet.

Thus, the purpose of this blog is an experiment/project that I will have complete control over. I own every pieces I write, every photos I’ve taken, every posts I written.

This blog ultimately serves as a record, or a memoir of us.

I hope in the future my wife can actively contribute more contents, maybe a new “cooking/recipe” sections, who knows.

(the silly stuff…)

Q: Who is Lazy Mocha? ????
A: A dude in his mid-30s, living in the beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I have 22 years left on the mortgage, a beautiful wife, an old car, a 18 years old cat and a ever-exciting job as an IT Technologist.

Q: What is this blog about?
A: Just about anything in life that I wants to share, legally of course. ????

Q: Why don’t I allow commenting? ????????
A: Life is short and I don’t want to moderate.

Q: How to contact me in case of emergency?


Updated August 18, 2017