Porting Number Out from Zoomer Wireless

Zoomer Wireless is a sub-brand of Cityfone, a company managed under Rogers Communications. Its target market is age group of 50+, but the price plan is very competitive compare to the traditional carriers.

I have been with them for 6 years and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a no-thrill service.

Time has come and I have to leave them, and I found out their number port out system is different than what should be expect with Rogers.

Basically, porting out from Zoomer is automatic. Once the receiving carrier requested the port-out with the correct information, the number will be automatically transfer out. There is no port-out protection with Zoomer and no SMS will be received. From the time I requested the transfer, it took a little over an hour for the Zoomer SIM to stop functioning and the new provisioned with my number.

This should help those who are wondering the transfer process since we are all wondering what’s with the SMS not coming in.