Foodie Review: The Ooleaf Tea Lounge in Richmond

Ooleaf (乌叶 simplified Chinese) means oolong leaf. It is also a name for a new bubble or boba tea shop in Richmond. To say that they are a “bubble tea” shop is an understatement, they offer high quality brew tea and the bubble is just a cherry on top. I would not categorize Ooleaf as a run-of-the-mill tea shop.

Ooleaf Menu:

The shop is located at the ground floor level of Aberdeen station in Richmond. Surrounding it has a few bubble tea places such as Shiny and I think they are the better of the bunch. Ooleaf sells mostly tea-based drinks including pure tea. For those like myself who is interested in flavored tea they are abundance of choices. My favorite is the Oolong Milk Tea, it is simple yet a difficult drink to make good; and they hit the spot every single time.

Ooleaf also have seasonal or special throughout the week, it is worth checking out the odd flavors and many times in the past it was surprisingly good.

In the time where “black sugar” pearl is popping up shop everywhere, Ooleaf offers some unique tea based drinks that I cannot find anywhere else.