Quick Review: Eufy Smart Scale AK-T9140011

We have been using our EatSmart Glass Scale for quite a few years, there is nothing wrong with it. In 2018, we have been looking for a replacement as we want to accurate body composition, BMI and possibly Smart one since I use Google Health with my XiaoMi bands

Since we are looking for Google Health and Apple Health compatibility, we narrow down our choices to Fitbit, Xiaomi, Nokia and Eufy (Anker). Out of the four, Xiaomi and Eufy are the cheapest and all four of them do about the same things; since my experience with Anker were quite good in the past, and the price is right ($30) on Amazon, I picked up the Black version of the scale

The scale came in 4 days (I don’t have US Prime), Amazon shipped it “as is”, meaning they didn’t even put the scale inside another box. I was quite worry as the original packaging is cardboard thin holding a glass scale. ???? Upon inspection, the packaging of the scale was very minimal; inside the exterior box, the scale was held securely inside a card-box “square” with a few pieces of instruction and 4x AAA batteries.

The scale has a glass top, with plastic at the base. The scale is weighty and does not seem to have any rattlings or flexing. Plastics feel solid and gives an impression of well-made. The scale is also simple to use: plug in the batteries, set it on a level hard surface and step-on to start. It reads fast, the large digits on the 4 inch display is sharp and clear, the bluetooth icon illuminates, it adds to the EufyHome app almost immediately.

The app itself is also simple to understand, English is the default language and the app seems to be well made as well. It doesn’t have any Chingish that I can see. The only thing I am not comfortable is registering an account in order to use the app, should I be worried about my health info stored on a third party server?? The app offers details info and trends of the usage. I cannot tell if any of the readings are accurate because I don’t have another scale to verify. I can say that my weight is spot on when I checked with my EatSmart scale.

After using the Eufy smart scale for a couple weeks, I like the scale. It is simple to use with or without the app, it reads quickly and feels sturdy. For $30, this is a great scale compare to other brands. This is another great product from the Anker company that I will recommend to others.