Quick Foodie Review: Taan Char

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7908 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6P 4Z2
Phone: (604) 428-8292


“Taan Char” means “enjoy tea” in Cantonese. It focus on real fruit tea and their famous Cheese macchiato. Our trip was a quick one as we were on our way to movie. Nonetheless it was surprisingly good that I have to share.

The store is decorated very cutely, as soon as you enter the door, a maneki neko at the door. Inside it has a rather large tree decor on one side and many miniature decorative plants on shelves on the order side. The tables can be height adjusted by spinning either clockwise or counter-clockwise. The kitchen/prep area is behind the ordering counter and you can see all the actions and fresh fruits being prepared. On the wall behind the counter, there is a cute looking diagram of the drinks and how it is being made.

I ordered the orange drink which is largely tea infused in a lot of oranges. It tasted like sweet orange juice with a strong hint of tea. Wife ordered the “super fruit four seasons of springs”, she equally enjoys her fruity drinks. One of the biggest difference Taan Char has over other places is the use of real fruits; to me it is more expensive to the shop owner but on the other hand it is healthier and fresher.

While there is Mr.Mustache (another bubble tea place) across the street that I always go to, Taan Char is now my go to place for a different drink. I look forward to try their other flavors.