Sinemia Review in Canada – after a year

As of April 2019, I no longer recommend Sinemia due to questionable business practices. Please follow this link for the newest update on the issues I am having.

Sign up for $20 bonus and change the country to Canada at the bottom right.

Updated Feb 2, 2019:
Sinemia offers a lower “Plus” plan for $8.99/month (billed annually). It allows you to see 2 movies a month including a premium per 30 days. Also one movie can be rolled over to the next month.

Updated Nov 1, 2018:
Sinemia has gone full card-less, they are treating ALL movies as “Advanced Ticketing” and are charging a processing fee of $1.80 per ticket. This fee was waived in the past when the “Watch” function in the app was used when I was physically in the theater. When factor in the $1.80 per ticket on top of the monthly fee, in my book, it’s still good deal.

Movie Pass was a big hit in the US during its launch days and being in Canada, we tend to be late to the party. Wife and I go to the movies all the time, and some of the months we could go for 2 or more times. I was preying to have Movie Pass in Canada, now it seems my wish has come true.

Sinemia like Movie Pass, is a theater subscription service, it is designed for those who go to movies all the time. In our Cineplex theaters, tickets are starting at $13 and premium tickets (AVX, 3D) starts at $18, DBox and IMAX cost even more. Many of the new movies are only available in premium format and it is hurting my wallet even more. ????

Through a connection, I am able to get admit one vouchers for about $9; however any premium format will incur a surcharge of $3-8 (depending on type). When I saw that Sinemia is finally in Canada, I feel like I am saved. ????

For $10/m (2 tix), I am able to watch two movies of my choice in any format (fine prints later). For wife and I, the same plan works out to be $21/m (4 tix). This is becoming a no-brainer to join and I am ever more excited than Netflix.

Sinemia membership is easy to get, I just sign up with the link, and a “special” prepaid MasterCard was sent to me in about 6 days. I can now use the MasterCard to pay for movies!!

The new couple plan (for two) is basically a membership where you can 2 tickets for the same movie. This is NOT a shared membership, so your partner/spouse cannot use your login to buy tickets.

A mobile app is required to use Sinemia service as it uses the phone’s GPS+Network location to identify me physically in a theater (Check-In). The app will then activate the MasterCard to allow me to purchase in the ticket machine. What about advanced ticketing some may say?

Advanced Ticket is a newer feature and I really appreciate it is available. I am about 15 min away from the theater and it is really out of the way. With the Advanced Ticket option, I am able to look up the screening date, time, format of the movie on Cineplex site and then specify it in the Sinemia app. It is very critical to have the information entered correctly because the app requires me to check-in before the movie starts. I guess this is a way to ensure the membership does not get abused.

I just bought AVX screening of Tomb Raider with that option, the Sinemia app activated the card and I was able to order the ticket from Cineplex; HOWEVER on the the payment screen, there was a SMS verification (MasterCode Security) that showed up in Turkish; I think the card must be issued by a Turkish bank and the language is not English. I was able to click on what I think is “OK” and “Agree” and typed in the code on the phone and the checkout process was successful!!

Overall, the experience of buying the ticket has been flawless except the payment part. Until Movie Pass comes in, I high recommend this to anyone who likes movies.