Coffee Review: Level Ground Columbia

Level Ground coffee is a Victoria, BC based company that specializes fair trade goods like coffee, tea, spices etc.

I have been drinking their Earl Grey tea for a long time and quite enjoy the bold flavor and aroma. For this reason, I grabbed a bag of their Columbia coffee when I was doing my grocery shopping.

Upon opening the bag, a strong aroma of dark chocolate popped. The sizes of the beans are very consistent and they look medium dark (City Roast) with almost no defects. Although this bag I have is about 3 months into the 12 months “best before date”, somehow I feel that this is still a very high quality bag of coffee. We’ll see when it goes through the Aeropress! 😉

Putting the beans into the usual batteries of equipment, grinder set to 6, 20g of coffee and 200g of water through the Aeropress. It didn’t take long before a cup of dark brown looking liquid materialized.

This coffee had a very unique character that it smell fruity yet it tasted like dark chocolate.

Like I said earlier I don’t generally buy dark roast because I don’t like the heavily toasted after taste. This Columbia I am testing now is delightfully easy to go in, particularly the dark chocolate after taste is enjoyable. It is clean, flavorful and not bland.

On the second try, I was putting it on a simple pour-over. To be honest, I think the paper filter absorbed the “good stuff”, and made it less colorful but still very good.

Overall, I would give this coffee 9 out of 10 as it is a good blend for everyday or used for enjoyment over the weekend.




Disclaimer: I am not a professional coffee connoisseur, I just happens to enjoy coffee as a hobby at home. All my blog reviews are subjective and my own; based on my shallow knowledge of coffee (read many books, trial and error at home) I learned through my life, by no mean I am accurate in my reviews.