Foodie Review: Midam Richmond – Cafe and Bistro

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4651 Garden City Rd,Richmond, Richmond, BC V6X 4A9
Phone: (604) 284-1400

We drive by Midam everyday, most of the time she tells me “let’s give this a go some time…” and she would check for new photos on the IG page. Finally, we came here.

Midam is a Korean restaurant/cafe, and based on our first impression from their social media pages, they focus on their rice-cake based desserts. They claim the rice cake is made fresh everyday.

When we opened the door, I was surprised to see the basketball (particular NBA) theme inside. The outside doesn’t look like it at all. There are comics from Slam Dunk, signed jersey, life-size Yao Ming poster, NBA team ball caps, models are all over; TVs are playing live NBA matches. I have not been to the Coquitlam location to compare, and this is not what I would expect from a Korean restaurant.

We were there early and service was quick. Apparently the Richmond locations offer more Korean dishes like BBQ, hot plates, tofu soup as well as their famous dessert menu (more later). There were also lunch combos for those who are hungry. I was looking around, it seems the most common dishes people order is the Army Hotpot. There seems to be enough for 2 people.

We were hungry so we looked at the lunch combo. I ordered the BBQ Pork Belly and wife ordered the mushroom tofu soup. We then spent the reset of the time go through the dessert menu while we wait for the food to come in. The matcha waffle looks very tempting from their famous Instagram shot.

The matcha waffle came with a scoop of ice-cream served on a hot skillet. So the question is, is this a “hot” dessert? ???? To be fair, the skillet was there to keep the waffle warm while you eat the waffle with the ice-cream. I think the waffle was good, it was not overly sweet and I could taste the slight bitterness of matcha. There was a thin layer of rice cake in between the waffle and gave the waffle a chewy texture. Did I forget to mention they would pour a green tea sauce when they served on the table? The sizzling sound and smell from a dessert was an unique experience.

We also ordered the parfait, it was equally good. There were rice cakes in there as well. It has a bit of everything like corn flakes, red beans, whip cream. I don’t think it is very outstanding comparing to the matcha waffle and I will definitely choose the waffle instead.

Midam is not the cheapest nor the most expensive Korean restaurant. Most of the dishes average around $10-$13 and the hot pots can go to $30. Midam is best to come with friends who can share the costs. Portion-wise, it is smaller than I would expect during dinner time; their lunch special provides much higher value.

Midam in Richmond is a good hangout place with a bunch of friends who wants to have dessert and Korean savory dishes. The NBA theme of the restaurant makes it very memorable and unique compare to other newly opened Korean eateries in the area. Their price is not necessarily the best but lunch menu offers excellent choices and value. I would go again during lunch for sure.