Review: Hamilton Beach Cordless Digital Gooseneck Kettle 41004

This will be a quick review (unless someone can tell me how to properly review a kettle ????)

Recently I went on a shopping trip and out of my surprised, I found THIS being sold ????

My wife and I wanted to buy the Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle for a while.

It’s just that we don’t think the Bonavita is worth over $100 for its purpose, and we have been waiting for it to go on sale on Amazon. Time flies and Hamilton Beach came out with the gooseneck kettle with temperature controls.

The unboxing of the kettle is not very interesting, it is just bare basic. The kettle is a 1.2L with 1500W of heating power. It comes with 14 temperature settings. As with any other small kitchen appliances, the cord is short, it is about 2.5-3 feet long. The construction of the kettle is very solid, there are little to no flex when pressure is applied. The base is heavy and stable and feels like it is a well made product. Hamilton Beach kitchen appliance comes with 5 years warranty, Bonavita only comes with one year.

There are some suggestion guidelines on the side of the kettle to offer some suggestions of temperatures for various type of beverages.

The next test is to test the temperature settings and the accuracy. By default, the kettle with boil at 100C, and to set a custom temperature, it needs to be set before pressing on the “on” button. There are 14 settings and the temperatures are 66 68 71 74 77 79 82 85 88 91 93 95 98 100C.

Using my digital thermometer, under 60C and 100C there are some slight variance of a few degrees I’ve noticed. Although it could “hold” a temperature, I am unable to count how much does the temperature has to drop before it gets heat up again. It takes about 5:18 sec to boil a 1.2L from cold tap water to 100C, it is about the same as my other electric kettle.

Overall, the performance and the price of this kettle exceed my expectation. I am not sure if there is a better reason to pick up the Bonavita (maybe 1.7L?) when the Hamilton Beach can offer similar performance for less money. Although there is a variance of a few degrees in the set temperature, I would still prefer to use another thermometer to confirm the temperatures.