Foodie Review: Jam Cafe (Brunch)

Rating: ????????
Price: ????????

556 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3
Phone: (778) 379-1992

I am going to make breakfast at home, again. There is a phenomenon I notice recently, a trend that people would line up for breakfast on the weekend. Often than not, these restaurants offer the usual breakfast fare that feels like home and that’s all there is to that – I can make those at home if I really put in that effort.

Jam Cafe consistently has line up on the weekends on Beatty Street, it’s a small place but it offers a great selections of hot breakfast at an affordable price. The line up is a minimum of 1 hour and their table turnover is very quick. Personally speaking, I will not wait for 1 hour for the breakfast. I just feel my expectation and time spent do not align. There are many great brunch spots in town there are worth waiting for. This place feels like another soon-to-be tourist spot due to the amount of great Google reviews.


Jam Cafe is tiny, upon walking into the restaurant, there are 2 columns of tables on each left and right side. At the end on the left is the wet bar and then the kitchen. The tables are meant for 2s, and they could re-arrange it to suit slightly larger groups when needed. On both sides of the wall, there are props and decor that reminiscence the old-fashion farm house. One catchy decor I like is the “breakfast” periodic table, it covers common breakfast items and quite cute to look at.

Today we ordered:

  • Coffee x2
  • Farmer’s Skillet
  • Salmon Benny w/ half avocado

Farmers Skillet is a scramble of bacon, sausages, pepper, mushrooms served on hash and toast. I think this should be the most simplest dish that can tell how good the kitchen is. Wife has the salmon benedict with half avocado. Coffee is brewed with JJ Beans Railtown blend.

Our breakfast comes in a timely manner, I get a good chance of look at the other diners and they all seem to be happy with the food. Our waitress is humorous and she constantly trying to fill my coffee up.

I am not surprised in regards to the line up at this place. The food is very fresh and great that there is really nothing to complain about. On the other hand, there is nothing to write home about. While I am enjoying my food, my brain keeps trying to justifying if this food I am enjoying justify the 1.5 hour of wait outside. While the price is not the cheapest and the ingredient is not any more special comparing to full organic selection such as Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe.

I really like Jam Cafe, there is really no fault about the food or the service. The long wait is probably the only thing I will complain about. On the same token, I would expect the food to be phenomenal if I have to wait for a long time. However, it seems many breakfast joints in Vancouver have line up regardless they are good or not.

It’s difficult to review Jam Cafe, I was looking forward to give it a try. The long wait, high expectation (due to the constant line up) and ended up the somewhat average food really hurts my feeling. There is absolutely no faults with Jam Cafe’s service or food, it’s just my expectation does not align given Jam Cafe has been featured and well reviewed in many local publications.

Will I go to Jam Cafe again? Absolutely, but only in their slower days. On the weekends, I can probably start to cook again.