Foodie Review: Fable Diner (brunch)

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Address: 151e E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1W1
Phone: (604) 563-3463

We go to brunch all the time on the weekend, the only thing is that there are endless options; wife has been mentioning about Fable Diner for a while, so let’s give it a go.

In the recent year, there has been numerous eateries opened up by the Main Street, Mount Pleasant area. We have tried a few restaurants and really enjoy the localized atmosphere without being too hippy like the Kitsilano area. Fable Diner is one of those newly established business in a relatively older neighborhood.

Even on a Saturday, there are no crazy line ups. We are able to grab a bar seats within few minutes of arriving into the place. The restaurant maintains the older brick walls painted in white, and wallpaper accents. It gives a mix of contemporary but an aged feeling. There are new HVAC and ventilation installed so even on a hot days, it doesn’t feel stuffy like I would expect on an old building. There are painting, flowers placed randomly in walls and end-counters. The tables and chairs on the other hand, are the same letherette materials in traditional American diners. This feels like home.

The coffee serves in Fable Diner is from a local cafe called Casa Del Caffe. It is probably one of the best coffee serves in a restaurant. Based on the profile, it has a clean, smooth with a sweet finish, I suspect is is Bionda blend. Casa Del Caffe carry more European brands that I have not heard of. I will go there when I have the time.

The owner says the menu is relatively simple (want to keep 5-6 things only), I order the Roast Duck Pancake with egg and wife orders the Avocado bennie. Fable Diner likes duck dishes, the owner recommends us to try their other Fable restaurant on 4th Ave when we get a chance.

The roast duck pancake is amazing, it’s moist, dressed with a sweet (hoisin) sauce, it is covered with sprinkles of green onions, peanuts, fried onions. It is a stack of egg, duck, on top of a semi-sweet pancake. The flavors hit every taste palate, I think this would be awesome if it’s Peking Duck because I wish Peking Duck could be this good. It both looks and tastes excellent.

Wife likes her bennie, she says the English muffin is replaced with a scone. I personally like my pancake more, but the hollandaise sauce is delicious. It is not the sour ones commonly in most places, it is unique in a way that I will remember this taste for Fable. My only complaint is the tomato and avocado is served cold. I think it would be better if it is roasted. The rosti and sourdough bread is also great, the jam is home made as well. Overall I like Fable as much as Acorn.

Prices wise, I think Fable is very reasonable. Brunch for 2 for ends up around $40 with drinks, for the quality of food I am getting, it is very decent.

Normally a “diner” would make people associate to some greasy restaurants serve up some passable meals, but Fable Diner offers more than that. Fable Diner serves up some simple, close at home dishes. But their “simple” is something that surprises many. Who would think a new, clean, contemporary restaurant under a very old building in the Mount Pleasant would serve excellent looking and tasting breakfast?? The roast duck pancake, bennie to the coffee are excellent, service is quick and friendly, the price is also reasonable for this neighborhood. I don’t see a reason why I won’t come back.