Coffee Review: Mondo Organic Kuna

I pick up the Mondo Organic Kuna Medium Roast, I think it’s a decent coffee to drink it black.

The package I pick up has a best before date of Dec 2017, it means this is roasted maybe in April or May.

Based on the packaging, this bean is from the Columbia/Panama. Personally I think South America produce some great coffee. The beans from the package is smaller and quite consistent. It is not oily at all.

My usual home lab set up – 20g/200g water over a reverse Aeropress for 90 seconds. There are usual blooming to indicate a great reaction to oxygen. The aroma is sweet. Upon the first taste, it tastes citrus. According to the tasting chart, I think it is very close to grapefruit. The after taste is clean and tastes like grapefruit peels.

Because of this welcoming bright profile, I think this can be taken without anything. I will go grab some more when I can.