Quick Review: Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House

Rating: ????????
Price: ????????

Address: 450 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1V4
Phone: 604-684-5022

I am in Downtown Vancouver – tourist style. I walk by this cafe on my way to an IT conference, they claim to have the “the Best Cheesecake in Vancouver” and also is an organic coffee roaster. The exterior looks upscale and people sitting in the patio seems to be enjoying themselves, so let’s see how good it is.

The inside looks empty and simple, there are a couple fridges full of cheesecakes and a couple drinks menu. I don’t remember seeing any interesting decorations inside, there aren’t any easy listening music playing, all I am hearing are customer conversations and espresso machine noise. At the back of the store, there is a roaster and it looks like it’s in working condition, unlike some other coffee shops where they are for display. I feel the exterior and interior are 2 different worlds. I am so confused, the interior looks like a cafeteria in my head.

Since my wife says she doesn’t like the cheesecake, and I want to see how good the latte will be. There are people waiting, but I find myself having trouble to tell if they are waiting to order or just waiting for the food. Finally someone waves at me on another counter and I ask for a medium latte.

The person who takes my order and money happens to be the same  guy who is preparing my drink. I see him grinding the beans straight into the portafilter, “lightly” tamped it, put it onto the brew head and put a paper cup under it ????. While the shot is being dripped into the paper cup, he is also putting milk into the milk pitcher and put the steam wand into it. He turns the steam on, then walks back to the counter to take another order – while the milk is being steamed. Without touching the pitcher or using a thermometer, he pours the milk into the cup and gives it to me, latte art is not included.

This really bugs me because there is no precision in the process… the quality of the drink reflects that. I think their espresso tastes very chocolatey, the way it is prepped ruins the good espresso. My latte is effectively an espresso flavored chocolate milk. Is this the best of downtown cafe can do??

With a vast selections of cheesecake and coffee, Trees Organic could be a great getaway for those who want something that is organic and localized. However, based on the barista’s skill and store ambience, I can’t recommend this place if you are serious about a properly crafted coffee.