Quick Review: The Seven Minutes Fidget Spinner

Rating: ????????????????????
Price: ????

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Continuing on my fidget spinner adventure, it has seems that most ABS plastic ones are simple made too poorly for smooth spins, so I go with metal ones. The seller who sold me the blue one, has a newer and better one for a couple dollars more. This rainbow color spinner, can do minimum of 6.5 minutes and close to 7.5 minutes.

Let’s start with the packaging, it comes in a zipped hard case with a tiny screw driver. Compare to the other spinners, it is very deluxe. This one has a rainbow color, not chameleon. It doesn’t change colors when I tilt it. The rainbow spinner is even heavier at 84g, compare to the blue triangular one at 61g. The whole package feels premium. While there aren’t any fake bearings on the surrounding as dead weight, it is quite well balanced. The seller claims this is also using R188 hybrid bearing and when I spin it for the first time, it is very smooth with little to no vibrations. With the extra weight, I think it feels better on the hand. At high speed, it will produce some high pitch noise, I think a little cleaning would help.

Comparing to the blue triangular one I have, which also says to have R188 hybrid bearing, the feeling and smoothness is very different. Surprisingly, upon removing the metal caps, which are well made BTW, I am stunned ???? – this thing has a removable bearing!!! All I need is to remove the small screws and the bearing comes out easily.

On the 3 tries, the rainbow spinner can achieve minimum of 6.5 minutes and up to 7.5 minutes. This puts everything I have out the door ????????????. Also, the light reflection while is spinning is dangerous to look at, I am dozed off a bit when I stare at the light patterns.

I think this is probably the best and the last spinner I will get. I don’t need many, just one good one will be enough for me. Due to the price, I give this a top rating.

You can buy this HERE