Foodie Review: Dazzling Cafe

Rating: ????????????
Price: ????????????????

Address: 7971 Alderbridge Way #140, Richmond, BC V6X 2A4
Phone:(604) 273-0514


Without knowing the history of the Dazzling Cafe, it will make you imagine France + Taiwan crossover. The restaurant is separated into 2 sections, a drink counter that serves bubble tea, juice and such; the other side is a full service restaurant. I can think of a handful of similar designed restaurants in Vancouver, such as Sugarholic in Aberdeen. Digging up their history, Dazzling Cafe is a mid-high end restaurant chain in Taiwan. They are famous for the sweet honey toast.

Inside the restaurant, it’s a trendy setup; a large open-door kitchen next to the relatively medium size dining room with bright colors and a various combination of wallpaper, decor, chairs that looks like movie props. The servers are all dressed in French Maid like uniform, it looks similar to some maid-cafe in Japan.

Expect a line up during peak hours (as with any new Asian franchise). We arrive early and we are seated almost immediately. Although the signs say their business hour is 6pm, the staff tells us it’s their “last call” time; the place does not close until 7pm. They will simply refuse to serve after 6pm in preparation of store closing.

The menu has a white background, similar to the store with a clean look. There are a few categories.

I am hungry at the time, and I think it’s a bad idea to come here hungry because this place obviously is targeted for dessert or light meal. I know it might be expensive, but hey… let’s give it a try.

Wife and I cook a lot of pasta at home and we want al dante. Dazzling Cafe has a good selection of pasta in pesto or cream sauce. Surprisingly, they choose to cook them the “non-Asian” way (I don’t know if it’s legit to call it Italian way), the same way that I would cook at home with olive oil, lightly salted and toppings on top. The portion is a bit small for $13, but it is quite flavorful and not-feeling rich.

The pasta is definitely cooked on order, they seasoned with whole leaves of sweet basil and other herbs. The toppings (shrimps, mussels) are generously added on before serving. The plating I would say it’s better than many pasta restaurants I have been to.

Once the main courses are over, we order the chestnut waffle based on the recommendation of our server. I give them a thumb up for NOT adding sugar to the waffle, instead they serve syrup on the side. The chestnut cream is very well done that it’s not overly sweet to overkill the waffle.

Service is excellent, because Dazzling Cafe is a Taiwanese chain, the service level is – Taiwanese friendliness, they will bend down to talk to you in a very gentle voice (the maid uniform makes everything sounds better!!! ????). They constantly come and go and replace cutlery and fill up the glass. I am happy with the service.

Like I mention earlier, this place is not ideal if I come in hungry. Our bill comes to $46 without any drinks.

I really think Dazzling Cafe will succeed in Canada as long as they can maintain the status. They have soft-opened since 2 month ago and other have gathered some good and bad reviews. I think this comes down to expectation: Dazzling cafe is cater for the younger trendy crowd who likes a mix of dessert and light meals in a European themed restaurant. To me, this is a place for a good afternoon/weekend snack. I cannot find the flaws in the food or the level of service to have an excuse of not coming back – at least I know my wife will drag me back maybe next month! ???? I will definitely come back to try the drinks and hope they offer the similar tastes of coffee when I was in Taiwan.